Green Blog Design focuses on WordPress website design, content management, marketing and social media. Our web design and content services include:

WordPress blog designs

Sure, you can build your own WordPress blog from scratch, but why would you? There are hundreds of free and premium WordPress themes available, and all of them can be customized with your color scheme, content and images. Once you decide on the basic look you want, Green Blog Design will install a suitable WordPress theme and customize it to your specifications.

While WordPress installation isn’t especially difficult, it can be daunting when things don’t work right on the first try. Using logins provided by your web host (or mine), Green Blog Design will install your database and site files and test them to ensure they’re working properly. Once that’s done, it’s time to “skin” the site with your colors, navigation and content. If you’re a novice, your Green Blog Design bid may include training time to ensure you get up and blogging quickly.

Static WordPress site designs

Let’s face it: Not everyone has the time or interest to write a blog. Even so, WordPress can be used as a powerful content-management system to ensure your website loads fast and looks great. For membership sites, WordPress offers unique user logins and different levels of secure access. WordPress is also a great way to manage your site’s content and brand while incorporating third-party e-commerce solutions.

If you’re facing a tight deadline, WordPress software and plug-ins can get you online quicker (and cheaper) than custom designs. For nonprofits and issue-oriented websites especially, cost and speed of deployment are often critical concerns. Think you might want to add a blog later? Do a WordPress installation now to save money and keep your options open.

Managed web hosting

If you’ve ever suffered “technical difficulties” while using a discount web host, I feel your pain. Claims of “unlimited storage” may sound good going in, but as soon as you get any traffic you may get taken offline for using too much bandwidth. If you haven’t paid for “premium” tech support, an unexpected glitch could take your website down for hours, days or even weeks.

Even for those with decent web skills, dealing with file management, FTP servers and MySQL databases can be a scary, time-sucking hassle … and all bets are off when it comes to getting a real human being in tech support. I am a real human being* who has battled cheap web hosts and lived to tell the tale. If you want your site files and database to hang out on my server, I’m down. Contact me for a quote.

*DNA profile provided on request

Content management (CMS)

As the saying goes, “content is king” — which means what, exactly? Back in my newspaper days, content meant stories, photos, opinion columns, comics, crossword puzzles and special sections. For a business website, content means a custom header and other images, static pages like “About Us” and “Privacy,” frequent blog posts and links to your social media. You want your website to look and “sound” professional, but generating content can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Not to worry; Green Blog Design has your back. Your blog design bid can include copywriting services and/or graphic design by a seasoned professional (yours truly). If you’re happy with your existing content but make frequent changes or blog posts, you may want the assurance of a monthly or bimonthly content-management checkup. Like a car, your blog will get better mileage with routine maintenance.

Social media integration

Unless you live under a rock, you know Facebook and Twitter have dramatically changed the marketing game. YouTube videos also can be effective, especially if you’re courting customers in a niche market. If you have a mailing list or use an email provider like Constant Contact, that’s another great way to stay connected with your clients.

But does your website help get you those all-important Facebook “likes”? Do your social media feeds drive traffic to your blog or website effectively? Are you stumped for content? Green Blog Design can help you with social media integration so your website and your feeds work together in peace and harmony.

Copywriting and marketing

Copywriting is an old-school term, but “contentwriting” isn’t in the dictionary (yet). Copywriting is defined as writing copy for advertising or publicity purposes, which these days can include writing for websites and/or social media in addition to print materials. Copywriting is writing, in other words, and you need high-quality words to run a professional blog or website.

Whether you’re dealing with a 2-year-old throwing a tantrum or a potential customer who’s checking out your website, there’s only one way to communicate effectively: Use words. Green Blog Design is run by a word wonk with 20 years of writing and editing experience. If writing isn’t your strong suit, Green Blog Design will take your marketing ideas and turn them into effective, readable content for print and/or web. Contact Green Blog Design for more info on copywriting and marketing services.

Search-engine optimization (SEO)

Your blog or website may work and look great, but it’s wasted money and effort if nobody sees it, right? Search-engine optimization, commonly called SEO, involves tweaking your site’s content for common search terms used by customers in your market niche. SEO is not a silver bullet, but it is an essential strategy for competing in the global marketplace.

If you’re just getting started, Green Blog Design can handle your keyword research and analyze your competitors’ websites. If you have an existing site with lots of content, an SEO tune-up may still be in order. And if you’re a retailer or restaurant that relies heavily on local foot traffic and repeat customers, you’ll want your site optimized for local search. Learn more about our SEO services.

Print ads, web banners, flyers and brochures

While websites and social media have their place, so do display ads, brochures and other printed marketing materials. In fact, print and online marketing tools can work together quite nicely. Put a QR code in your next ad or brochure to drive traffic to your blog, or add a newsletter or coupon to your site as a free download. In today’s fractured media market, you need to connect with customers however you can.

Green Blog Design has two decades of print experience that ranges from newspaper layout and design to brochures, display ads, special sections and press releases. Remember to contact Green Blog Design for a quote on your next print design project.