Several sandboxes have been set up for you to experiment with. Install new plugins and themes to your heart’s content. It’s a freaking sandbox; you can’t break anything.

How this works

Choose a theme that interests you from the list on the left. Each theme is installed as a subdomain on

Log into your chosen sandbox. Multiple people can log into the same website, but they cannot use the same username. Choose one of these user/password combos:

  • Meetup1
  • Meetup2
  • Meetup3
  • Meetup4
  • Meetup5

1. Go to Plugins / Add New to bring up the search tool for the WordPress plugin repository. Search by name for the plugin you want to try, or search by terms to see what’s available for a specific social media channel.

2. Install and configure the plugin’s available options. Check for widgets, mid-post shortcodes and display options for the top and/or bottom of pages and posts.

3. Rinse and repeat until you’re comfortable. Add as many plugins as you want. The sandboxes will be cleaned up later, so feel free to leave a mess.

Note: All of the following have been upgraded to WordPress 4.1.1, the latest available version. Not all plugins and themes have been tested for compatibility.

A quick note on widgets

If you’ve worked with WordPress before, you know that you can go to Appearance/Widgets to see your available widgets and the widget areas provided with your chosen WordPress theme.

WordPress now offers a handy Customizer, which can be used to quickly preview and publish your changes. The next generation of WordPress themes will add Customizer support rather than using “theme options” or other labels in the WordPress dashboard. Go to Appearance/Customize to access the Customizer.

Let’s get started!

Sandbox Theme Sandbox Login
Graphene Graphene admin
Suffusion Suffusion admin
Swift Swift admin
Twentyfourteen (WP) Twentyfourteen admin
X2 X2 admin