Every blog begins with a single (scary) post

Every student and employee has faced that awful moment when a report or term paper is due the next day. You can’t blame the boss or teacher for this, although it feels good to curse them for torturing your brain. Several weeks or months earlier, you volunteered to take on this same assignment, perhaps hoping for a good grade or job advancement. Honestly, what were you thinking?

Not surprisingly, writer’s block also afflicts bloggers and owners of small-business websites. You know you need to “post more stuff,” but now, in your hour of deepest desperation, you’re staring at a blank computer screen with equally blank ideas in your head. Here’s how that scary moment looks in WordPress:

Blank WordPress post screen

I mention WordPress because a) I’m a huge, huge fan, and b) blogging software is no more scary than Microsoft Word or other word-processing programs. Whether you’re using a computer keyboard or an ink pen and parchment, the writer’s job is to write. And so you begin.

Beginning of a draft WordPress post

Hey, this isn’t so bad. WordPress doesn’t care that I have writer’s block; it’s ready to go whenever I am. I can save as many drafts as I want and preview how it looks on a web page. When I’m ready to share my prose with the world on my blog or website, it’s as simple as clicking the “Publish” button. No running to Office Depot for paper, staples and printer cartridges; we’re talking instantaneous, digital communication.

Blogging can help your website and marketing

If you believe the folks at HubSpot (and you should), nearly four out of 10 American businesses use blogs for marketing, and companies that blog get 55 percent more visitors than non-blog websites. That means if you have a static website — or no website — your own inaction gives your competitors an advantage. True, writing can be difficult, even scary, but shouldn’t you be more scared of losing customers?

Not to worry, the WordPress cavalry is here. Launching and maintaining a blog-centered website has never been easier than it is right now, and even static websites can use WordPress as a content-management system. As they say in academic circles, “publish or perish,” and the same is true of small businesses. Contact Green Blog Design today for a free quote on installing or upgrading your WordPress blog.