Michael GreenGreen Blog Design was founded by Michael S. Green, a former newspaperman who ‐ like many recovering journalists ‐ got a crash course in online content management during the dot-com boom and bust of the late 1990s. After his last print gig ended in 2009, he began a short-lived news blog with a cheap web host and an even cheaper (as in free) content-management system known as WordPress. The name is apt because anybody can become an online publisher with a printing “press” of their own.

But as this old newshound learned early on, online publishing requires learning some new tricks and un-learning some old habits from the print world. Using WordPress can be a liberating experience, since you can do a lot without touching a single line of code. Business owners often lack the time or web skills to build and maintain their websites, however. Many of them require e-commerce, site memberships and other specialized functions that may require custom coding. Green Blog Design was created in 2012 to help WordPress users bridge the gap between the possible and the practical.