The best designs are based on good content


Green Blog Design focuses on WordPress blog designs, content management, marketing and social media. It was founded in 2012 by Michael S. Green, a former newspaper reporter and editor.

Let’s face it: Today’s Internet can be a daunting place for small business owners. You know your website is important, but you’re not sure if it’s firing on all cylinders. You know social media is important, too, but your Facebook timeline is filled with pictures of cute kittens. It’s not just a question of how you communicate, but how well you connect with your clients and potential customers.

Intelligent design for your WordPress blog.

That’s where Green Blog Design comes in. Currently based in Lakeport, Calif., Green Blog Design has served clients in Seattle, Oakland, Sacramento and Fresno County. I’m not a top-shelf web designer and have no intention of becoming one. With so many affordable (or free!) WordPress themes available, there’s no point in paying top dollar for web design. The old adage still rings true: Form follows function.

It’s a better use of your time — and your money — to methodically develop your site’s authority and page rank using written and visual content. Over time, a good blog design can set you apart from your competition, which translates into more sales leads or online purchases.

Your blog is powered by words, not software.

Got content? Blog design doesn’t end with a website launch or redesign; that’s just one piece of your larger marketing plan. Creating relevant content to connect with your potential customers is equally important, and that’s the bigger challenge for many small business owners.

Two decades of journalism experience have given me the skills to fine-tune your content for search engines (important) and real-life readers and customers (even more important). I can also advise you on social media integration and pay-per-click advertising that fits your budget.

Are you ready for some blogging?

Some people get hung up on the technical details of running their websites, while others get writer’s block the moment they start thinking about blogging. Yet many of those same people have no problems at all speaking with customers in person, by email or on the phone or Facebook. Blogging is just another tool to connect with the people you’re already committed to serving.

Don’t let your busy schedule or lack of web skills hold you back. If you’re interested in launching a WordPress blog, or in using your existing blog and social media more effectively, use the contact page to request a quote or more information about how blogging with WordPress can boost your business.

Our blog design services include:

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